Happy Birthday and Thank You

Well what a day it has been, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to wish us happy birthday and shared pictures and stories of your hounds with us, be them BRNGB Hounds or not.

We pride ourselves on helping all basset hounds and their families when they are in need, regardless as to whether they are BRNGB Hounds or not.

Without our amazing supporters, the voices that spread the word of what we do, the folks who donate to wish lists, raffles, auctions and their time, today is about you as well, so enjoy celebrating and thank you.

BRNGB would be nothing without our volunteers; those who transport hounds, those who foster hounds; those who homecheck for us; those who run fundraisers; parties; BBQ's, run marathons, do crazy hikes, those who run the bonus ball; you are all part of the team that make BRNGB what it is, thank you for all your time, your support and your energy.

When BRNGB was thought up by Sam M 10 years ago, there was no way anyone could imagine what it is today, and that is because of you all.

Lets not forget the hounds, because after all that's what BRNGB is all about. 602 have passed through our foster's doors to be loved, receive all treatment required and cared for. 602 have been transported by volunteers, each one loved and cared for as if they were the transporters own. 602 lives have been touched by you all in one way or another.

Bertie was our very first hound to come into BRNGB care in 2013. He was fostered and then later adopted by one of the founding members, Louise. He definitely had his own mind, and after he crossed the bridge in 2020 we all know his spirit is with us all in what we all do. He really was one of a kind.

Not every hound and family that touch us come into our care, sometimes we are just here to help, give a second opinion, point owners in the right direction, but each one of those hounds become part of our family too.

Everyone of us have memories of hounds past and present, they all leave a little part of them with everyone they touch as they go onto their new lives and homes. Some stay with their foster families, some sadly cross the bridge, we are so proud to see and hear updates on how they are all doing.

Rescue is hard, every hound takes a piece of our hearts with them, some shatter them into a million pieces, some fix all those pieces back together. But we will keep on doing what we do because our beautiful hounds need us.

Please enjoy looking through these photos of hounds, past and present, don't worry it's not all 602 although they are all in our thoughts 

And here's the last boy of this decade to come into our care, Barney!  Who is doing amazingly, lovely life in foster in his golden years!  He'll be sharing his diary with you next week!  

Finally, a thank you to the admin team, we're only a very small team, 2 founding members, with 2 others who joined half way through this journey who work tirelessly making sure we don't let any of you down; there's been past admin members too who had a massive part to play in BRNGB, but have moved onto pastures new but still support us in their own ways; the reality is though we couldn't do it without you, the supporters, friends, donators, volunteers......the BRNGB family!





A week in the life of a foster Hound
Happy Birthday to us!

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They never ever leave a Basset behind always do everything in their power to get the hounds to the right fosters and forever homes in a word they are "AMAZING".

BRNGB Supporter

Great work, no hound gets left behind. A true sentiment that is the embodiment of what this organisation is about. Great work team.

BRNGB Supporter

They do a good job of saving these hounds and finding special homes for life. They also work hard to raise money to pay for any vet bills.

BRNGB Supporter

They do outstanding work with the hounds & always put them first, They match hounds with their perfect parents & when they need vet treatment they get it done, these people are Amazing, could not recommend them enough

BRNGB Supporter

Thank you for sending my recent purchases from your shop. Very efficient and wonderful quality merchandise, particularly the canvas/hessian bags and the t-shirts

BRNGB Supporter

We have the privilege of adopting Dylan. The whole process was seamless and very reassuring that they cover all bases, both in relation to vetting us and also in the assessment of the hound

BRNGB Supporter