Doris, our blind girl update, wish list and raffle

If you have been following Doris' story you will recall she joined the BRNGB family back in January this year.

Sadly when she arrived into our care it was clear she has serious issues with her eyes (photo above); we had to have one removed due to glaucoma and we were hopeful that with treatment the other eye would be saved. Alas it was not meant to be and her second eye was also removed in June this year, after trying so hard to save it with vet care and a lot of love from her foster family. Not a decision which was taken lightly, but a decision which ultimately saved Doris' life. Without the removal of her eyes, the pressure of the eyes would have caused unbearable pain to Doris. 

Photo below after treatment trying to save her eyes, as you can see very little improvement sadly.

Doris isn't an old hound, she's only 5 years old. She's had so much to deal with.  

Photo below after her first surgery

Losing her second eye was incredibly traumatic for Doris as we are sure you can imagine, not only the pain from the surgery, but also her life being plummeted into darkness. A lot of rushing back to the vets to get Doris' pain mediation right, a lot of sleepless nights for the whole household whilst Doris acclimatised herself to this new scary world. It's taken a lot of time, love, training and care for Doris to understand she is safe and her foster family will not let anything happen to her; the ultimate leap of faith for Doris.  

Photo below after her second surgery

It's also been very traumatising for her foster family, they've dealt with the guilt that nothing more could be done for Doris' sight; they dealt with Doris screaming in pain before the surgery, and after; they've dealt with Doris' fear, they've changed things in their house specifically for Doris, they've undertaken new methods of training for Doris and their resident hounds so they can all understand where each other are, and live together without any incidents or Doris being scared. They have been absolutely amazing, words are not enough to thank them for their total dedication to Doris and her care.  

Photo below all nicely healed physically, just the mental scars to heal now

Doris loves treats, so we have put together a little wish list for her if you would like to treat her to something, we always try to wish for things that fit into everyone's budget which we know is difficult for some at the moment. We also don't normally do wishlists just for treats, but we are sure you will agree Doris deserves a little bit extra. Her list is below.  As you can see she loves a treat or two!



If you would like to donate to Doris' bills, which are, we are sure you can imagine, fairly high, you can do so using the link below.  


Support BRNGB

You can donate to Doris' care here 

Would you believe, during all this going on, Doris' foster mum found the time to make this fabulous, unique light up basset to raise fund for Doris. So we are opening Doris' raffle today. 

Tickets are £5.00 each and can be purchased via paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the bank A/C 52372266 S/C 40-34-27 using reference "September" - once paid please either comment on the post on our Fundraising Page, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will allocate your numbers.

The raffle will end at 8pm Saturday 30th September. 

Thank you for reading Doris' story and for your support as always, not only from the team at BRNGB but from Doris too.


Paddy Applications now closed

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They never ever leave a Basset behind always do everything in their power to get the hounds to the right fosters and forever homes in a word they are "AMAZING".

BRNGB Supporter

Great work, no hound gets left behind. A true sentiment that is the embodiment of what this organisation is about. Great work team.

BRNGB Supporter

They do a good job of saving these hounds and finding special homes for life. They also work hard to raise money to pay for any vet bills.

BRNGB Supporter

They do outstanding work with the hounds & always put them first, They match hounds with their perfect parents & when they need vet treatment they get it done, these people are Amazing, could not recommend them enough

BRNGB Supporter

Thank you for sending my recent purchases from your shop. Very efficient and wonderful quality merchandise, particularly the canvas/hessian bags and the t-shirts

BRNGB Supporter

We have the privilege of adopting Dylan. The whole process was seamless and very reassuring that they cover all bases, both in relation to vetting us and also in the assessment of the hound

BRNGB Supporter