Coffee For Bassets 2022

Yes!  It's that time of year when we ask that you donate the cost of a coffee to Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain. 

#coffeeforbassets was  launched in May 2018.  

One of the hounds to benefit from your lack of caffeine in 2018 was Chevy.  Chevy was found with his legs bound together in a drugs den, the lady who found him was told the people who had him were waiting for the dog fighters to get him. She managed to get ownership of him and immediately surrendered him to us. Just prior to this Chevy has been advertised on Gum Tree free to a good home.  He was in a poor condition and needed a lot of medical attention BUT NOW he's living the life of Riley with his new family in Royal Berkshire

In 2018 a fabulous £2125.88 was donate by you all, and was used to keep rescuing hounds like Chevy. 

2019 #coffeeforbassets raised an even more fabulous £2337.48 which helped top up the pot so we could continue helping hounds like Archie.  

Archie came into our care in November 2018.   An ex stud, arrived with us after a very long journey. He was bedraggled, flea ridden and very smelly. His ears were infected as was his mouth, his teeth were rotten. We fell in love with him regardless. The wonderful transporter's team had managed a difficult journey with Archie with love and care. He had to have lots of teeth out (we had to feed him with soft food) and his ears thoroughly cleaned, antibiotics given too plus pain relief. He also has a heart murmur so no long walks for him and at 9 he just needs a comfortable quiet retirement, lots of love and tender loving care. Thanks go to BRNGB for giving us the opportunity of becoming another failed foster, Archie is here to stay and is very happy.

Sadly Archie crossed Rainbow Bridge in December 2019; he had a year of love, treatment and his bed by the fire.  Our hearts were broken, as were those of his failed foster family. #nobassetgetsforgotten

#coffeeforbassets 2020 was the best year for you all giving up your coffee!  An amazing £3435.40 was raised.  

With everything in the world going crazy, no one knowing when the pandemic would end, families crying out for help, being restricted as to what we could or couldn't do, we continued helping families who needed us, we kept hounds in foster for a lot longer than normal because we were not allowed to adopt them.  Although the country was locked down, we were still pending like mad behind the scenes to ensure all of our hounds were getting everything they needed.  Hounds like Clyde who was in our care with his foster family. 

#coffeeforbassets 2021, when the world was still upside down raised a staggering £3011.01.  

This money helped Hounds like Daisy who came into foster with us in January 2020, and is still part of the BRNGB family. You will remember Daisy from her various wish lists, mostly for nappies and pads. She's a lovely 8 year old girl, but appears so much older with her foibles. She has had extensive tests and examinations since she has been with us, investigations into her badly wonkie front leg, an MRI which found issues with her back and investigations into her double incontinence. BUT she's the happiest, loving, lively little girl ever. She loves to play, she loves cuddles, she loves having a mooch.

So, COFFEE FOR BASSETS 2022 is taking place on Friday 27th May. 

Since May 2021 we have adopted 70 hounds to their forever families

At today's date we have 13 in foster care across the country

May 2021 saw £8866.42 spent at vets and for treatments for the Hounds in our care. 

June 2021 saw staggering bills of £17,062.65 for our hounds. 

July 2021 we paid £6935.06 for treatments and vet bills.

That's a total of £32,864.13 over three months, an average of £10,954.71 per month. 

All of this money is from donations from you, our wonderful supporters and family. 

Remember Claude, the very poorly hound last year?  He's thriving and so very very happy!  It's hounds like Claude that have the benefit of your support and donations.  Your donations saved Claude and many like him.

Without you, we would not be able to do what we do.  

As a registered Charity we rely and exist purely on donations. Every penny donated and raised by you goes back to the hounds.  No  trustee takes a salary, no one gets paid anything for their time.  Not even phone bills or Wi-Fi connections of the Trustees or volunteers are paid by the charity. 

All of our accounts are on Companies House and we are governed by the Charity Commission.  We are proud of what you have made us, and are completely transparent in everything we do.  


On Friday 27th May 2022 we ask you to donate the price of a coffee, a chocolate bar, a sandwich, the price of a pint that you would normally have on the way home from a busy week! 

You can donate by:-

Paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Bank - Account 52372266 Sort Code 40-34-27 

or via the donations link on our website (link below) all using reference COFFEE 

Lets make 2022 the best year ever! 






Coffee For Bassets.
Otis is looking for his forever home
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