Celebrate with us

We love to share the good news of adoptions with you all, you are our family, these Hounds are part of your lives as well as ours, so please do celebrate with us  

First up is Louie  

Just look how happy this lad is that he has found his forever sofa! 

Louie joined the BRNGB family in March. 

He came with a mouth full of rotten teeth, hated to be touched, anxious, disorientated, ear infections, eyes giving him pain, in need of neutering, such a sad state for a boy who we were told was 6 but the vets believe to be 8 years old. 

Louie started in one foster home and was dearly loved, however due to personal circumstances, Louie had to move to another foster family, who fell in love with him, and there he stayed! 

Your donations, love and care got this boy fit and healthy and we will always be grateful. 

You enjoy your life in Nottingham! 

Second is the lovely Ralph  

Ralph is an older gentleman who as soon as his 6 week assessment was up in his foster home, his foster parents were banging on our door to adopt him! 

A very loved boy by his previous owner, suffering with some separation anxiety and a dislike of cats! 

Doesn't he look happy with his forever home? 

Welcome to your forever after Ralph 

Last but definitely not least Dougie  

A very playful, happy, full of life 2 and half year old! 

Likes to resource guard thing when the mood takes him, and tends to destroy things if left uncreated when home alone.  Demands attention when he meets new people. 

Dougie has now been adopted and is loving life being a Essex boy with basset siblings to play with 

Thank you for your generosity which meant we could give these hounds what they needed to continue with their lives and be loved forever more 


Welcome to the family Wilber and Penny
Walk for Sophie

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