23 Hounds for Christmas .....and counting

Bramble is just one of 23 Hounds who will be with us for Christmas, and there are more coming into the family soon.  We have 20 in foster under assessment   Under Assessment Hounds under assessment for Christmas  https://brngb.org/adopt-a-hound/under-assessment We have 3 hounds in foster waiting for their dream adoption applications Gallery Hounds ready and wiating for their forever home. https://brngb.org/adopt-a-hound/bertie And we will make sure they all have the Christmas...

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Welcome Bramble and a wish list

Please welcome Bramble who joined the BRNGB family this weekend.  She's a beautiful girl, she will be 2 years old in March; she is incredibly confident and isn't backwards in coming forwards!  Just look at those stunning ears. Bramble is under assessment, any enquiries made about her will not be answered.  As you can see she has a nasty Cherry Eye which we will be arranging treatment for.  She needs her nails cut and a health check as well as spaying, which will all...

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Please welcome The Girl with No Name

You may have seen our Facebook post about this beautiful girl.  She was found as a stray and has exceeded her statutory holding period at the pound where she was.  This means that her owner has not been found; unless rescue space was found she would have gone to the dog warden where her days would have been numbered.   We were contacted last night asking if we could take her and we are so pleased to say she was collected today and is now in foster within the BRNGB family...

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Welcome Paddy and a wish list

Please give a big BRNGB welcome to the family to 4 year old Paddy who joined us yesterday.  Paddy is under assessment so please do not make enquiries regarding his adoption at this time.  He's described as a relaxed, loving, affectionate hound.  He's lived with small children and cats and loves to socialise with dogs when out walking.  He arrived in foster yesterday and has already instigated a game of bitey face with the resident hound and is proving his original family righ...

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Hardest goodbye

As Hound owners (or Hound slaves) one of the hardest, most heart breaking decisions you will ever have to make is saying goodbye.   People deal with grief in different ways, there is no right or wrong way to cope with the loss of a much loved family member, be them on two legs or four.  All of us girls who run the rescue have experienced not only our own personal losses, but the losses of Hounds in our care, most recenlty Jo and her adopted Hound Cleo.  Cleo had been diagnose...

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Help!!! and all it will cost you is one minute

Scout has been in foster for 163 days  Daisy has been in foster for 177 days There must be a forever homes out there for them? WE NEED YOUR HELP - THEY NEED YOUR HELP  Please please please click on the links below and share them everywhere you can, facebook, instagram, twitter, tell your neighbours, tell your friends, just one share seen by the right person could make their Christmas dreams come true  All you need to do is spend 2 minutes cutting and pasting the link or using the ...

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Welcome Meg and a wish list

Please welcome Meg to the BRNGB who arrived today.  She's a lovely 4 year old girl who is proving to be a bit of a flight risk, we believe due to nerves.  She has met her foster siblings, both human and hound and eaten her dinner so nerves are subsiding. She didn't come with an awful lot so she does need some belongings of her own.  We've included a wish list below if you are able to donate anything that would be amazing.  As always anything that is donated will stay with Meg...

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Welcome Sally and a Wish List

Please welcome Sally to the BRNGB family.  We believe Sally to be 2 years old.  She had been with her surrendering family for about a week after being dropped off by her previous owner.  We believe she didn't have a name or any belongings when she was delivered to the family, and although Sally has done nothing wrong, she wasn't the dog the family were expecting, so they contacted us to surrender her. She has been staying with different family members for the last week, so she's a...

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Thank you.......

Thank you to Hettie (having a well earned rest) and Sally (puppy snuggling below) for yet another amazing Hettie's Howliday Auction. Thank you also to everyone who donated items for the auction, placed bids, and the winners of the lots. Thank you as well to Sally's helpers, Sue Sampson and Barbara Braybrooke for helping with all the packing and posting.  For those of you who don't know Sally, she is a long term foster for BRNGB, one of her fosters arriving as 1 and leavi...

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Sissy and her under-carriage

Who remembers Sassy Sissy who joined our family recently as one of the triplets?  Sissy is only 4 years old and has been a breeding machine sadly.  She's a lovely happy, cheeky, full of sass girl, but we really do need to help her with her *ahem* boobs!   Due to over breeding, as you can see below her under-carriage is dragging the floor.  They are getting sore, dirty and generally in the way of Sissy when she's trying to just enjoy life as a basset instead of a mac...

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Welcome Aida

Please give your usual big BRNGB family wlecome to Aida who joined the family today.  Aida is a lovely 5 year old girl who has made herself happily at home in foster already.  She's showing no signs of anxiety of leaving her family, has made friends with the resident hounds and had a nice dinner! As you can see Aida has a serious skin complaint.  She is going to the vets tomorrow for her assessment and see what treatment she needs to get her skin under control.   Ai...

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Buddy is looking for his forever home

The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain #NOBASSETGETSFORGOTTEN  Name: Buddy  Sex:  Male Age: 8  Location: Powys Meet Buddy, he's 8 years old, 9 in December and ready for his forever home.  Buddy joined the BRNGB Family back in May this year.  He had a bit of a bumpy start to foster life; he was diagnosed with mild epilepsy which is controlled by medication.  He also had an issue with his back, which with pain medication, anti-inflamatories and bed rest has r...

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Update on Daisy

Such upsetting and frustrating news. Sadly, after waiting nearly a month for her meet and greet, which the date kept getting changed to accommodate Daisy's prospective adopter, they have now decided to withdraw their application without meeting her. That means poor Daisy is back looking for her forever home, and we are really hopeful that we can find it before Christmas. Please please do share Daisy's blog the link is below.  How could someone not want this playful, cuddly, loving...

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Welcome Hector

Please give a big welcome to Hector who has re-joined the BRNGB family. Hector originally joined the BRNGB family in March 2020 and was adopted by his foster family in June the same year.  As we know things change; not from want of trying of all involved.  Sometimes reaching out to us under our full rescue back up is the hardest but best thing to do.  Hector's family took the heartbreaking decision to surrender him back us this week.   He's just celebrated his ...

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Rolphel Time!

Do you want to win this hand made, totally one off Hound nativity scene?  These are made by hand so every single one is different.  Sally King and Hettie are running their Hettie's Howliday Auction and this is the Rolphel prize.  Rolph was Sally's handsome boy who crossed the bridge a few years ago, and every year Sally holds this Rolphel (think Raffle) in his honour.  This stunning nativity scene can be yours for ¬£5.00.  How to enter:- Paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ref...

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Welcome Indie

Please give Indie a big warm welcome back to the BRNGB family.  As always, Indie is under assessment and any enquiries regarding her will go unanswered.  Indie originally joined our family back in September 2021 as a foster, and was later adopted by her foster family who she loved dearly, and them her. Sadly, her new mummy passed away recently and the heart breaking decision was made for Indie to come back into the BRNGB family.  She's now 10 years old and is settling in...

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Barney looking for his forever home

The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain #NOBASSETGETSFORGOTTEN  Name: Barney  Sex:  Male Age: 11 Location: Isle of Mull Some of you may remember Barney from his Week in the Life of a Foster Hound diary published on our website.  If not have a look and there's a full week of his life for you to enjoy and get to know this boy.  A week in the life of a foster Hound - Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain https://brngb.org/blog/a-week-in-the-life-of-a-foster-hound Here's...

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Big welcome to Belle

Belle joined the BRNGB family yesterday, at 6 years old she was a very much loved hound, but circumstances change and sadly her family surrendered her into our care.  Belle is under assessment, any enquiries regarding her adoption will go unanswered.  Belle suffers with anxiety, when she arrived at her foster's home, they spent a considerable amount of time with Belle refusing the leave the car, but that's fine, everything at her pace.  Foster mum got a chair, sat on the driveway ...

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Welcome to Yoshi and a wish list

Please, as always give a big welcome to Yoshi who joined the BRNGB familey yesterday, hound number 611.  Yoshi is under assessment, any enquiries regarding his adoption will go unanswered. Yoshi is just under 3 years old and by all accounts a nervous boy.  He lived with another dog and is in foster with a resident basset who is already showing him the ropes.  Toilet training seems to be an issue with Yoshi, whether that's nerves, being a stubborn basset, or medical we ha...

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Welcome to the Triplets and a wish list

Please give a big BRNGB welcome to Gadget (Top) Emma (bottom left) and Sissy (bottom right) all whom joined the BRNGB family today.  As always they are under assessment and any enquiries reagrding them will go unanswered,  OK, so theyre not really triplets, but there's not enough room in the header for all their names!  They are currently in foster together as they all lived together, but as they all need nutering (and Gadget being the only boy!) they will be seperated shortl...

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A week in the life of.............

SHERLOCK!  This week the spot light is on Sherlock, a one year old Basset cross Sherlock arrived in foster earlier this month, a very scared, nervous little boy   His family surrendered him as there was un-rest with the other resident hounds which was causing a lot of stress to all of the dogs and humans alike   Don't fear though, it didn't take long for Sherlock to find his feet and within an hour of arriving in foster, he came out of his shell, bit like how a cork comes out of a...

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Who remembers.........

.....Hound B?  Hound B's real name is Humphrey, but at the time of his care he used the pseudonym of Hound B.   He started his journy in the BRNGB family way back in 2018.  Here's his story:- He's a gorgeous, loveable 4 and a half year old Tri colour, found roaming and emaciated. He has no behavioural issues, only his legs. He lives to play and run about but unfortunately his legs cannot take it and he soon becomes unsound. He will possibly require surgery to help him li...

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Applications closed - Ralph

The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain #NOBASSETGETSFORGOTTEN  Name: Ralph  Sex: Male  Age: 10 years Location: Berkshire Meet Ralph, a lovely, loving, playful 10 year old hound. Ralph originally came into the BRNGB family back in March 2022, he was originally adopted by his foster family, sadly due to unforseen reasons, and nothing to do with Ralph, he was surrendered back to BRNGB in August this year and has been under assessment since.  We are pleased to say he is ...

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Hettie's Howliday Auction

Yes folks it's that time of year when lovely Hettie and her equally lovely human Sally run Hettie's Howliday Auction - Here's Hettie and one of her best friends Dougie getting a power nap in before the fun starts on the 6th November.  All funds raised go directly to the hounds in our care Sally and Hettie have been running this action for some time now, and trust us when we say there are always some amazing basset gems up for grabs!  There's always something for everyone.  Here's ...

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Welcome Nellie and Elsie

Big BRNGB welcome to these lovely girls who arrived in the family today.  Please, any enquiries regarding these girls will go unanswered they are under assessment. Elsie is 8 years old and Nellie is 10.   They are proving to be happy girls, Elsie a little more nervous and Nellie is being a lap dog! They arrived to their foster home this morning, and are happy to be with the resident dogs and cats.  They both needs some bits and pieces so their wish list is below, as always ev...

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BRNGB needs you - could you foster?

At BRNGB we welcome hounds of all sizes, shapes and ages.  Most are pure bassets, some are Bagels, some are basset crosses.  We pride ourselves on the fact that should you need to surrender your hound, they will not only become part of the BRNGB family, but part of their foster family.  All hounds will be placed into foster homes that fit their needs.  Needs to be an only hound, no problem.  Needs to be with a resident playful hound, no problem.  Needs a home w...

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Big welcome to Bonnie and a wish list

A huge welcome to the BRNGB family to Bonnie.  Yes she is a baby, who was found abandoned, but she's safe now in the BRNGB family.  Please do not apply or enquire about adopting Bonnie as she is under assessment, any enquiries will go unanswered.   Being so young, we don't know a lot about Bonnie apart from she loves having a play with her foster siblings, and is a real snuggle monster.  Bonnie needs some bits and pieces to call her own, so if you are able to donate to h...

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A week in the life of Foster Hound Dolly

Hello! My name is Dolly Dot and I am 9 years old. I live with my foster brother Tommy Basset in Chester. I thought I would share a week in my life so you can see what I get up to when I'm living with my foster family! A little bit about me, I joined the BRNGB family in July, when I arrived my skin was so itchy, sore, red and infected and my ears were as well.  I'm getting better as you will see!  I hope you enjoy my week, I love being in foster.  Please don't make enquiries t...

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Welcome Sherlock and a wish list

Please give a big welcome to this young boy Sherlock who joined the BRNGB family yesterday.  Please note Sherlock is under assessment so any enquiries regarding him will go unanswered.  Sherlock is only a puppy at 1 year old.  He lived in a multi dog home, despite his owners best efforts, sadly the other resident dogs would not tolerate his puppy ways.  They made the heartbreaking decision that Sherlock, their much loved puppy, would be surrendered to us.  As you will se...

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Welcome Huxley and a wish list

Please join us in welcoming the lovely Huxley into the BRNGB family.   Please note Huxley is under assessment and any applications for him will go unanswered.  He arrived into foster today, and is slowly finding his feet   Huxley is 11 years old, he can take his time to get to know people, especially men.  He has lived with cats, and is happy around children, he can get worried about being on his own, and doesn't like being left out.  His eyesight isn't too goo...

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They never ever leave a Basset behind always do everything in their power to get the hounds to the right fosters and forever homes in a word they are "AMAZING".

BRNGB Supporter

Great work, no hound gets left behind. A true sentiment that is the embodiment of what this organisation is about. Great work team.

BRNGB Supporter

They do a good job of saving these hounds and finding special homes for life. They also work hard to raise money to pay for any vet bills.

BRNGB Supporter

They do outstanding work with the hounds & always put them first, They match hounds with their perfect parents & when they need vet treatment they get it done, these people are Amazing, could not recommend them enough

BRNGB Supporter

Thank you for sending my recent purchases from your shop. Very efficient and wonderful quality merchandise, particularly the canvas/hessian bags and the t-shirts

BRNGB Supporter

We have the privilege of adopting Dylan. The whole process was seamless and very reassuring that they cover all bases, both in relation to vetting us and also in the assessment of the hound

BRNGB Supporter